Dining Dollar$

Dining Dollar$ (DD$) go on your ISUCard and are a convenient way to pay for snacks and meals. They can be used in any ISU Dining location. When you purchase DD$, you know you have money set aside for food - you just swipe your card and your purchase is deducted from your DD$ balance.

DD$ can be added anytime on AccessPlus and are billed through your U-Bill. If you purchase $200 or more, discounts apply!

DD$ Price Per $ Discount
$10-$190 $1.00 ---
$200-$390 $0.95 5%
$400-$590 $0.93 7.5%
$600 or more $0.90 10%

Once DD$ have been issued, they cannot be reduced or refunded.

Semester Plans automatically come with an allotment of DD$. If you have a Semester Plan, you should on these plans should only purchase extra DD%$ if your plan DD$ run out.

  • At the end of summer, unused DD$ roll over for use during fall.
  • At the end of fall, unused DD$ roll over for use during spring.
  • At the end of the spring semester, on the Monday following commencement, all unused DD$ expire.You are encouraged to use your DD$ as unused DD$ will not be reduced or refunded.

Contract Terms

Any individual who purchases a Semeter Plan, Meal Block and/or Dining Dollar$ is subject to the ISU DINING STUDENT CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS. This document establishes the ISU Dining contract Terms and Conditions and Policy Handbook for meal plans, Dining Dollars (DD$) and dining facilities and is a binding agreement between Iowa State University and the contract signatory. It is your responsibility to become familiar with all provisions of this document.