Meal Plan Options

ISU Dining has worked with students to develop meal plan options that fit with the ISU student lifestyle.

Semester Meal Plans allot a certain number of meals per semester rather than per week so that students can vary the meals they eat each week according to their schedule without the worry of losing meals at the end of the week. Un-used meals will expire at the end of the semester rather than at the end of each week.

To be eligible to purchase meal plans and Dining Dollar$ (DD$), you must be in good financial standing with ISU and must be enrolled as a student at ISU or enrolled in the Admissions Partnership Program.

Contract Term

All meal plans are contracted for the entire academic year, both the fall and spring semesters. This includes DD$, whether included as part of a meal plan or separately. Unless you change your plan during the Meal Plan Change Period in December, the plan you have for fall will be the plan you have for spring. Only students who live in an area where a meal plan is not required are eligible to cancel the spring portion oftheir plan. One half of the academic year rate is billed at the start of each semester through the U-Bill. Please review the ISU Dining Terms, Conditions and Policies for more information.

Meal Plan Requirements

Residents of Buchanan Hall, Richardson Court and Union Drive are required to purchase a Semester Meal Plan. There are no exceptions to this requirement. Residents in these areas who do not select a plan (using AccessPlus) will be defaulted to the Gold Plan. Changes may be made during the first week of classes each semester.

Residents of Wallace and Wilson halls, Frederiksen Court, University Village and Schilletter Village are not required to purchase a meal plan. However many residents in these areas opt to purchase some combination of meals and Dining Dollar$ so they can make purchases in one of the many ISU Dining locations.

Semester Plans

If you're living in an area where a meal plan is required, you can choose from one of five semester-based plans: Cyclone, Cardinal, Gold, Silver or Bronze. These plans offer a combination of meals and Dining Dollar$. Meals can be used in the dining centers (Seasons Marketplace, Union Drive Marketplace and Conversations Dining). Meals can also be used in the form of a meal bundle at select retail locations (Hawthorn Market & Cafe, the Memorial Union Food Court, Clyde's Sports Club, West Side Market, East Side Market and Wallace-Wilson C-Store). Dining Dollar$ can be used at any ISU Dining location and are great for snacks between class or in the evening.

Meals are allotted at the beginning of each semester. Unused meals expire at the end of each semester.

Half of the Dining Dollar$ with each plan are allotted at the beginning of the semester. Unused Dining Dollar$ roll over to spring semester. At the beginning of spring semester, the second half of the Dining Dollar$ are allotted. All Dining Dollar$ expire at the end of the spring semester.

Guest Meals - The majority of the meals on the semester plans are only for the meal plan holder.  However, we want you to be able to bring your friends and family to experience ISU Dining!  Five meals each semester are designated for use by guests (included in total meals).  These meals can be used for your guests.  Guest(s) must be present at time of purchase. Or, if you don't have any guests, you can use the meals for yourself. 

Plan Name Meals per Sem. DD$ per Sem. Avg. Meals per Week Price per Meal Rate per Year
Cyclone 304 $125 19 $6.15 $3989
Cardinal 275 $150 17 $6.66 $3964
Gold (default) 225 $200 14 $7.18 $3628
Silver 175 $250 11 $8.71 $3549
Bronze 125 $300 8 $9.23 $2906

Yearly Meal Blocks

Meal Blocks consist of dining center meals only. Unused meals at the end of the fall semester roll over to the spring semester and expire at the end of the spring semester. Meals can be used in dining centers and for meal bundles at select retail locations. The number of meals are listed below. If you run out of meals, you can always add more by using Access Plus.  All of the meals associated with a Yearly Meal Block plan are transferable and can be used either for the contracted student or for guests.  The contracted student must be present when dining with guests.

Block Name Meals Per Year Rate Per Year Price Per Meal
25 Meal Block 25 $241 $9.64
50 Meal Block 50 $477 $9.54
75 Meal Block 75 $707 $9.43
100 Meal Block 100 $933 $9.33

Dining Dollar$

DD$ can be used in any ISU Dining establishment on campus. They can also be used for catering and Cy's Surprises! When you purchase DD$, you know you have money set aside for food. DD$ go on your ISUCard and are a convenient way to pay for snacks and meals. You just swipe your card and your purchase is deducted from your DD$ balance.

DD$ can be added anytime on Access Plus and are billed through your U-Bill. If you purchase $200 or more, discounts apply!

Dining Dollar$
Amount Price per $ Discount
$10 - $190 $1.00 -
$200 - $390 $0.95 5%
$400 - $590 $0.93 7.5%
$600 or more $0.90 10%

Important Dining Dollar$ Information

All semester-based plans automatically come with an allotment of DD$. Individuals on these plans should only purchase additional DD$ only if their plan DD$ run out.

Once DD$ have been issued, they cannot be reduced or refunded.

At the end of summer, unused DD$ roll over for use during fall. At the end of fall, unused DD$ roll over for use during spring.

At the end of the spring semester, on the Monday following commencement, all unused DD$ expire. Individuals are encouraged to use their DD$ prior to this time as there will be no refunds given for expired, unused DD$.