IRHA and ISU Dining Partner with Students to Raise Over $8,000 for Haiti Relief

16 Mar 2010
By: Kavita Rodgers, Communications Intern, ISU Dining/Deparment of Residence

AMES, Iowa--Sometimes, the best intentions need a little help to become actions. In February, the Inter Residence Hall Association (IRHA) joined hands with ISU Dining to give students an opportunity to make a donation to the American Red Cross to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.

“We realized that students – especially residence hall students – don’t have a lot of extra money on hand that they can just donate,” said Jason Boggess, president of IRHA.

After brainstorming about how to get students to donate, the executive committee of the IRHA decided to approach ISU Dining. The idea they had was inspired by the Oxfam program that ISU Dining supports, in aid of world hunger. Students would be able to donate up to three meals toward the Haiti crisis. IRHA and ISU Dining would match those donations by contributing to the Red Cross.

To encourage student involvement, IRHA had students who wanted to donate their meals sign up in advance. Students could either sign up online or at one of the booths set up outside the dining halls. The response was overwhelming.

Within the first hour of setting up a campaign and sending out an e-mail to students, they had 100 students sign up online. By the end of the two week campaign, that number had climbed to over 1,000.

Boggess received several e-mails from students with positive feedback.

Dan Kassan, from Roberts Hall, wrote, “Thank you! I haven’t done anything to donate for the relief effort yet, but this is a good way to do that, so thank you for this opportunity.”

Linden resident, Brittany Tielbur summed it up with, “I think this is a great idea!”

With IRHA and ISU Dining partnering to help students donate, the event ended up raising over $8,000 for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development.

“When we have a problem, everybody works together to solve it,” said Jill Arroyo, Associate Director for Residential Dining. “ISU Dining wanted to support and encourage students to raise funds for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.”


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