Compete in the first "Soy You Think You Can Cook" Competition!

26 Jan 2011
AMES, IA Soy you think you can cook?! Prove it by signing up your team to compete in this first annual soy cooking throw down competition. Teams of no more than three students will create and prepare an entrée and side dish using soy products in a two-round cooking competition.

The Soyfoods Council, in cooperation with ISU Dining and the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, have created a challenge for students to prove they have what it takes to creatively cook with soy.

Each team is required to prepare an entrée and side dish from scratch within a one hour time limit. Three judges in each round will be looking for unique applications of soy products within the dishes prepared; these might include soy nuts, soy milk, soy flour, soy cheese, tofu, texturized soy protein, or soy cream cheese.

Nine teams will be selected from the applicants to compete in round one based on the utilization of soy products in each recipe. These teams will be assigned to compete in one of three cook-off locations; Union Drive Marketplace, Conversations Dining Center, or Season’s Marketplace.

Winners from the round one cook-offs will compete in the grand prize round March 8, 2011, in the Memorial Union Sunroom. Teams will prepare the same recipes as they did in round one. Judges will give points based on culinary techniques for the use of soy, taste, appearance and proper safety/sanitation practices. The Grand Prize Team will be awarded $420.00.

The following is a schedule of the cooking events:
1st Round Cook-off Schedule—winner from each competes in Grand Prize Round
February 22, 2011, at the Union Drive Marketplace
February 23, 2011, at Conversations Dining Center
February 24, 2011, at Season’s Market

Grand Prize Round
March 8, 2011 at the Memorial Union Sun Room
1:45-2:45 p.m.
Awards will be announced at 3:00 p.m.

Student teams interested in applying to compete may fill out an application for the contest and turn into Erica Beirman, 220 Mackay Hall, by February 1, 2011.

Visit for a contest application.

Contact Erica Beirman,

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