Energy Conservation

With foodservice establishments ranking as one of the highest energy consumers, it is important for us to reduce our energy expenditure and to use equipment that is energy efficient. Recently, we have begun installing some products that can make a big difference in our energy conservation efforts. Firstly, window tinting has been installed in a few dining locations to reduce the amount of heat that is passed through the windows that warms up our dining space. By reducing this solar heat our coolers are able to work more efficiently and the dining room space itself stays cooler. Smart Strips have also been making their way into our offices by replacing older power strips. These new Smart Strips cut off energy to appliances like computers, speakers, and others when they are not being used so that electricity is not wasted.

ISU Dining also works to conserve energy in other small ways like turning off lights when not needed, turning the temperature down or up overnight depending on the season, repairing leaky faucets, and turning off equipment when not in use that can all make a large difference in our energy consumption.