Food at First

ISU Dining partners with Food at First, an Ames-based free meal program for Story County citizens in hunger. Food at First volunteers work with ISU Dining employees to deliver food items from various ISU Dining locations to Food at First's local food pantry. Food at First consists of two offerings for those in need: a free meal and a food pantry.

The free meal program serves seven meals per week and is open to anyone who is hungry, no questions asked. Most are evening meals, and all are served at First United Methodist Church in downtown Ames. Food for the program is provided by by local grocery stores and food venues. The result? Wonderful, tasty meals for people who need them!

The food pantry takes additional food items and gives them away to people who need them. Distribution happens at the Food at First “Free Market" in Ames. Because the food is perishable, it's collected and given away on the same day.

To volunteer, donate, or just find out more about the Food at First program in Ames, visit their website.