Anytime Plans - Required Areas

Our anytime plans are designed for students living in the residence halls. Access one of our four dining centers anytime you want!

With locations open early, all day and late at night, it's like having your own kitchen--where someone else does the shopping, cooking, menu planning and cleaning up. An early morning breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner with friends and fro-yo study date, you can do it all in our dining centers.

Use Express Meals when you're on the go in the MU Food Court, Hawthorn, Clyde's, East Side, West Side, South Side and FROOTS. 

Dining dollars are great for snacks and can be used in any of our locations. 

Guests? Express Meals and Dining Dollars can be used for guests.

Required Area Meal Plan Options

Plan Name

Cy Power



Meals in Dining CentersUnlimitedUnlimited200 meals/semester
Express Meals in Retail Locations

46 meals/semester

92 meals/year

34 meals/semester

68 meals/year

35 meals/semester

70 meals/year

Dining Dollars in any ISU Dining location



$0 (can add if desired)




















  • Express Meals and Dining Dollars can be used for guests
  • Gold Plan Meals and Express Meals expire at the end of the semester
  • Dining Dollars will carry over from fall to spring semester and expire at the end of spring semester

Required Areas

Students living in Birch, Welch, Roberts, Barton, Lyon, Freeman, Maple, Willow, Larch, Linden, Oak, Elm, Eaton, Martin, Friley, Helser, Geoffroy and Buchanan Halls can select from the Cy Power, Cyclone and Gold plans above. 

Wallace and Wilson Students

Storms Dining is located across the lawn from Wallace and WIlson halls serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because Storms is not open continuously or as fully on weekends as other locations, a meal plan is not required when you live in Wallace or Wilson Hall. You're welcome to use any ISU Dining location in your area and on core campus.

You can also choose from one of the plans above or choose a plan from our non-required areas.