Summer and Fall 2018 Renovations

Summer renovations will bring updated ISU Dining locations and new menus to several campus locations.


“It’s been a long time since we upgraded our retail locations,” said Mohamed Ali, ISU Dining director. “We want to create places that our customers feel at home and enjoy high-quality foods.”


Clyde’s – A Grill and Starbucks

Clyde’s, located in the Union Drive Community Center, has already closed for renovations and will open in the fall.


“We converted Clyde’s to fresh grab and go to help alleviate lines in Union Drive Marketplace,” said Ali. “Once Friley Windows opened we had more capacity on the west side of campus. And, our students really, really missed their burgers and grilled cheese.”


Hot diner-style breakfast will be served in the mornings with burgers, grilled cheeses, sides and salads on the menu throughout the rest of the day.


Clyde’s will also add a We Proudly Serve Starbucks location with coffee, teas, lattes, mochas, frappucinos and more which will add full-service coffee that isn’t currently available in the southwest corner of campus.


Proposed Clyde's Menu


Dinkey’s – The Food Truck

Rolling out in early May will be the ISU Dining food truck.


“Food truck is a common term that people understand but what we’re bringing to campus is really a mobile kitchen. It can quickly serve a high number of people and cooking can take place directly on the truck,” said Ali.


This summer and fall you’ll find the truck serving lunch. ISU Dining also plans to use it for special events. And, it could be part of the area’s disaster relief planning because of its high serving capacity and ability to cook on the truck.


The name? Dinkey’s. It’s a nod to the former train that carried passengers from Ames to campus in the early 1900’s. Instead of carrying passengers, Dinkey’s will bring tacos and salads with a variety of flavors and toppings (like pork al pastor and vegetable curry with sides of queso and chips) to hungry customers.


Proposed Dinkey's Menu


Memorial Union Food Court – A Fresh New Salad Concept

The MU Food Court will close in early May and reopen in August. The space is being remodeled and a center island will be added.


“We are really missing a concept where people can fill their plate with whatever they want and go. What you’ll see in the food court is a ‘pay-to-weigh’ salad area and hot bar, much like you’d see in a Whole Foods store,” said Ali.


The completely new look will also come with a few different menu items and refreshes of the current food concepts.


Panda Express and Lance and Ellie’s are not part of the renovations and remain open to serve customers.


The Mix Proposed Menu


The Hub

The Hub will close in early may and open in November. Currently, the building has line-flow issues as well as an inefficient back-of-house area. This will be corrected by moving the coffee concept to the south side of the building and leaving the food area in the north side of the building.


ISU Dining’s contract with Caribou Coffee is expired and won’t be renewed. It will be replaced with The Roasterie Café.


“Caribou offers a good product but we are sending a lot of students’ money off campus to a corporate investment company that owns Caribou,” said Ali. “The Roasterie offers an exceptional product and there are not franchise fees. We also know that students enjoy brands. That’s why we’re bringing in a We Proudly Serve Starbucks to Clyde’s and are hoping to add another to the College of Design by fall 2019.”


The Roasterie is a premium coffee company in Kansas City. They operate a roasting facility and nine cafes. The Roasterie works directly with farmers, resulting in the farmers getting a better price for their coffee beans.


Their mission? To buy the best coffee in the world, air roast the beans and get them to customers quickly. Beans are roasted in Kansas City and shipped to customers within 24 hours.


The Roasterie Café in the Hub will offer a full line of lattes, mochas, blended drinks, teas and even some specialty items like Nitro and cold brew. ISU Dining’s scratch-made bakery items as well as gelato will also be served.


As for the company itself, it was build from the ground up by a guy who had his first pot of coffee during finals week at Iowa State in the spring of 1979.


Danny O’Neill, the Bean Baron of The Roasterie, started the company in the early 1990’s after leaving the corporate world to pursue his passion of bringing quality coffee to the Kansas City area. With $17,000 and a hand-built roaster in the basement of his Kansas City home, he built the company by knocking on doors and selling beans. O’Neill and his team are relentless in their pursuit to bring quality coffee to their customers.


Heaping Plato will replace the current Hub Café with a menu that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner centered around scratch-made pitas filled with meats and toppings of customers’ choosing.


Proposed Heaping Plato Menu


A Few More Changes

Gentle Doctor Café is being upgraded as part of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s renovation plans and will open this summer. FROOTS, located in State Gym, and Freshens, located in the MU Café, will be changed to a different smoothie concept by fall.


All renderings are proposed space design for the concepts. Actual finishes will vary slightly.