September 2, 2020

Reducing campus density by decreasing classroom and lecture hall capacity are important pieces of Iowa State’s overall COVID-19 mitigation strategies. Additionally, ISU Dining added more to-go options to better serve customers this fall.

These adjustments have changed how students, faculty and staff use ISU Dining locations. Some areas are serving significantly less customers while other areas are serving more.

“Students are really utilizing our new to-go options,” said Mohamed Ali, ISU Dining Director. “But, we’re seeing they aren’t as likely to get coffee or spend time in a cafe.”

To account for different customer patterns, five units located in buildings that typically have large lectures or are adjacent to one of ISU Dining’s other locations will close for the remainder of the semester. These are ABE’s Harvest, Bookends, Business, Global and Courtyard cafes.

These cafes are within walking distance of ISU Dining’s other 20 locations that will continue to serve the campus community.

“Our team is here for our students, faculty and staff,” said Ali. “We’re just seeing them use our locations a bit differently this year and needed to make service adjustments to account for that.”

All employees will be relocated to other ISU Dining operations.

Customers can check this link for updated location hours.