Each semester more than 1500 Iowa State students work for ISU Dining. Working with us is convenient, helps you graduate with less debt, and puts work experience on your resume.  It’s also a great way to make new friends and conveniently balance work with school. Previous experience is not necessary.

If you have questions, please call us at 515-294-4864 or visit us in person at 168 Union Drive Community Center (UDCC)


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ISU Dining employees are paid twice each month. The amount you receive will vary with the number of hours you work. Student pay rates start at $13 per hour. If you live off-campus, you are also encouraged to apply. You will receive the same rate of pay as on-campus students and be paid twice monthly. If you work a minimum of a three-hour shift, you’ll receive a free meal.

Payroll Dates

Positions and Duties Examples

  • Bakery – Production and Dish Room
  • C-Store – Cashier, Deli, Pizza, and Grocery
  • Café, Clyde’s, Heaping Plato, The Roasterie – Barista, Cashier, Front Counter and Grill
  • Catering – Set-up, Server, Bartender, Porter and Cook
  • Dining Centers (Residential) – Food Prep, Dining Room, Grill, Pizza, Deli, Dish Room, Clean, Cashier
  • Dining Student Staffing Office – Hiring, Student scheduling, Software and Program, Human Resources Management and Administrative duties
  • Food Court (Memorial Union) – Cashier, Dining Room, Dish Room, Food Prep, Server, Upscale Deli
  • Food Stores – Warehouse, Delivery, Transportation

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Schedule Conflicts

We understand that all of our student employees are also Iowa State students and have other commitments outside of their job responsibilities. If an ISU Dining student employee has a prior commitment that he or she must attend such as Destination Iowa State (DIS) or formal recruitment, please contact a member of the Dining Student Staffing Team and we will be happy to assist you. The Dining Student Staffing Office is located in 168 Union Drive Community Center (UDCC) on the lowest level down the hallway from West Side Market.

Graduate Students

All graduate students need to obtain permission from the graduate college before beginning employment with ISU Dining. Once employed, graduate students will need to follow the ISU policy which outlines limitations to hours of work per week for domestic and international graduate students.


When you work with us, you can work in any of our locations!

(All numbers begin with 515 area code.)

  • ABE’s Harvest Café (294-3850)
  • Bakery (294-3248)
  • Bookends Café (294-1383)
  • Business Café (294-9081)
  • Clyde’s (294-2162)
  • Conversations Dining (294-4290)
  • Courtyard Café (294-9797)
  • Design Café (294-2845)
  • Dining Student Staffing Office (294-4864)
  • East Side Market (294-8887)
  • Food Stores (294-3060)
  • Friley Windows (294-1113)
  • Gentle Doctor Café (294-9247)
  • Hawthorn (294-7791)
  • Heaping Plato (294-1705)
  • The Roasterie (294-3529)
  • ISU Catering (294-3258)
  • Memorial Union Food Court (294-9441)
  • MU Market & Café (294-9441)
  • Seasons Marketplace (294-2380)
  • Union Drive Marketplace (294-0082)
  • West Side Market (294-2377)
  • Whirlybird’s (294-5788)

Professional Staff

Managers, chefs, cooks and more, our professional staff members are a key part of our operation and we’d love to have you join our team. Check the Iowa State University Job Opportunities website here and search open positions.