Our chefs aren’t creating food just for students. We’re here to serve you, too!  As an ISU employee, you can now purchase Dining Dollars and Block Meal Plans.

Meal Blocks

Meal Blocks can be used for meal plan holders and their guests at our dining centers. Stop by, swipe, and eat whatever you want for the best value in an all-you-care-to-dine setting.  Using your Meal Block plan saves approximately 20% off our door rate.

You can also use Meal Blocks in all retail locations when you need a meal on the go. Your swipe can be used to buy all your favorites from our cafes, markets, and fast-casual restaurants.

  • 25 meals/$12.00 value per meal/$320
  • 50 meals/$12.00 value per meal/$625
  • 100 meals/$12.00 value per meal/ $1225

Hawthorn Flex Meal Deals

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Enjoy even greater value at Hawthorn with their Flex Meal Deal. Now, for the cost of just one meal swipe, you can savor a delicious meal featuring 1 entree and 2 sides. No need to worry about exceeding the $12.00 value of a Flex Meal; we’ve got you covered! Treat yourself to a delightful and worry-free dining experience with our upgraded Flex Meal Deal today.

Dining Dollars spend dollar for dollar at any of our locations.  The best part?  Buy $200 or more at a time and you get a discount!

  • $200 to $390, 5% discount
  • $400 to $590, 7.5% discount
  • $600, 10% discount

To make a selection, please use the form below:

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