ISU Dining is a large campus organization that serves a variety of customers. Our residential dining centers, caf├ęs, convenience stores, food court, restaurants, catering department, commissary kitchen, bakery and food stores are all here to serve you. We work closely with student and faculty groups to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the needs of the Iowa State community.


ISU Dining is dedicated to providing a variety of quality and sustainable culinary experiences that enhance the educational and cultural aspects of Iowa State University.


  • To provide meal plan flexibility to the campus community.
  • To develop and retain an innovative and diverse staff of highly competent, dependable and service-oriented professionals and to provide employment to Iowa State students in a manner that enhances and furthers their academic careers.
  • To provide those services that promote and enhance the University and assist in the fulfillment of its mission.
  • To develop, maintain and re-invest in modern, attractive and functional facilities that serve the evolving needs of the University community.
  • To earn satisfactory long-term profits so as to maintain the health of ISU Dining and assure the availability of the necessary capital for continuing growth.