ISUCard Policy

Students must present/use their own, valid, ISU Card for admission into any ISU Dining Center, for purchases in ISU Dining retail locations or when requested by ISU Dining staff member. If using a guest meal, the contracted student must be present.

Using an ISUCard that is not yours is a violation of Student Disciplinary Regulations (Code of Conduct) 4.2.22: Misuse of Identification and Falsification. An ISUCard used by someone other than its owner will be confiscated. Any student found using a lost, borrowed, stolen ISU Card, loaning an ISU Card to another person, or trying to defraud the University will be subject to disciplinary action. The ISU Student Code of Conduct can be viewed here:

A physical ISUCard must be used to enter dining centers. ISUCards displayed on phones or other electronic devices will not be accepted. Greeters/cashiers will check the picture on the ISUCard to ensure that it matches the student coming into the dining center. Please be respectful during this process.

Loss of ISUCard

Students who temporarily misplace their ISUCard can utilize the GET app mobile ID for entry into a dining center for payment at any ISU Dining location.  Instructions to download the app and how to access the mobile ID can be found at:

Removing Items From Dining Centers

Dishes (cups, plates, bowls, etc.) and silverware cannot be taken out of the dining centers. Removing these items is considered theft. Anyone caught removing items from dining centers will be subject to disciplinary action.

Guests may not take food from a dining center “to go.” A single serving of fruit or dessert, or coffee in a personal travel mug, can be taken out of the dining centers by guests.

  • Sick Meals: If you are ill or confined to a residence hall, we can provide a carryout meal. Simply contact the dining center closest to you and we will be happy to get you a meal.

Backpacks and bags are subject to search if ISU Dining suspects you are trying to remove any silverware, dishes, or food.

Dining Center Rules

Attire: Shoes, shirts, and appropriate clothing are required to eat in a dining center. ISU Dining managers reserve the right to ask a guest to leave if proper attire is not worn.

Smoking: Iowa State University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking tobacco and the use of all electronic smoking devices are not permitted in any ISU Dining facility. The full ISU policy is available at

Alcohol and Drug Use: The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in ISU Dining Centers, Cafes, Fast and Casual locations and convenience stores is prohibited.

The possession, use, sale, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs in any ISU Dining facility is prohibited.

The full ISU policy is available at

Personal Transportation: All scooters and skateboards (both motorized and traditional) are not allowed in ISU Dining Facilities. They need to be secured at the nearest bike/skateboard rack prior to entering. Skateboard racks are located near entrances to Seasons, UDM, Windows, and The Hub (Heaping Plato/The Roasterie). Roller skates, rollerblades, skateboards, and other recreational modes of transportation are not allowed for use within ISU Dining facilities. While in an ISU Dining facility, all the above items must be securely stowed and out of walkways and seating areas.

Emergency Evacuation: In the event of an emergency evacuation, all occupants will be directed to the nearest exits.  All food and beverage items will remain within the facility. Upon re-entry, ISU Dining staff will discard all food and beverage due to health concerns related to time, temperature, and safety.

Lost or Stolen Property: Guests are responsible for their own personal belongings. ISU Dining does not assume any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property incurred while on any of its facilities. Should damage or loss occur, the payment for loss or replacement is the responsibility of the individual or the individual’s personal insurance. The full ISU policy is available at:

Assistance Animals: Service animals (trained animals that do specific work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability) are allowed in all ISU Dining facilities. The owner of the service animal is responsible for the proper control and care of the service animal. All service animals must be kept under control by a harness, leash, or other tethers unless the person is unable to hold those, or such use would interfere with the service animal’s performance of work or tasks. In such instances, the service animal must be kept under control by voice, signals, or other effective means. Any individual utilizing an assistance animal on campus must ensure the animal is properly housebroken and/or trained. If an accident does occur, the owner is responsible for cleaning up the mess. Contact a manager to properly dispose of the waste.

The owner and animal may be asked to leave if the animal:

  • causes a direct threat to the health or safety of others
  • is out of control and the owner does not take effective action to gain and maintain control
  • threatens or causes substantial damage to Iowa State University’s property or personal property
  • causes excessive disruption
  • is not housebroken
  • if the owner or handler refuses to comply with the University policy and applicable law

Emotional Support Animals and pets are not allowed in any ISU Dining facility.

The full ISU policy is available at:

Soliciting, Canvassing or Photographing: Anyone wishing to take still photographs or video of staff, facilities or guests of ISU Dining must contact Chad Bauman, ISU Dining Communication Specialist, for approval before filming or taking pictures to confirm the details of the project.

In general, photographing during meals is not allowed because it interferes with the privacy of others. A written application for an exception to this rule must be made to the communication office.

Photography/Film Policy

  • The photographer/crew may not interfere with the regular flow of business. The equipment and personnel cannot get between customers and service, or between employees and their workstations.
  • The photographer/crew must get the permission of the subject (staff member or guest) before any film or photograph is taken.
  • Staff members are not obligated to participate in a photograph/film session and can decline for any or no reason.
  • The images taken must be used exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes. Images/film cannot be used to endorse any product, political position or candidate.
  • Use of drones/unmanned flying vehicles is prohibited on ISU campus
  • Inappropriate use of the ISU logo

Conduct: Horseplay and food fights are prohibited.

ISU Dining staff reserves the right to ask any occupant of the space to exit if behavior or actions violate any or all rules of ISU Dining or Iowa State University.

Advertising in Dining Centers and Cafes

ISU Dining does not allow student organizational, departmental, and outside marketing/educational material to be displayed within dining facilities unless communication has strong correspondence to meal plan holders need for knowledge.

ISU Dining GET Mobile Policy

GET food orders will be held for 30 minutes from the time it was scheduled for pick-up.  No refunds for orders that are not picked up within this time frame.

Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior in or around ISU Dining facilities is not permitted.

Behavior that unreasonably interferes with the normal function of ISU Dining facilities or unreasonably impedes the rights of students or staff is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Behavior where the safety of participants, other students, staff, or property is compromised; lewd or indecent behavior; or behavior where the actions of a person or group require the response of a Dining team member or other university employee.
  • Threatening, intimidating, or endangering the health, safety, or wellbeing of yourself or a member/guest of the University community and/or Dining staff member.
  • Engaging in inappropriate behavior that necessitates an additional response from campus or city personnel.
  • Public nudity, urinating in public, screaming or yelling, directed profanity, or sexual activity in common areas.

Failure To Comply

You are expected to comply with the directives of ISU Dining staff/University officials in the performance and scope of their duties.

Additional examples of failure to comply include but are not limited to:

  • Failure to show identification when requested to do so by an authorized ISU Dining staff/University official
  • Falsely identifying yourself or other guests
  • Providing false information or obstruction an investigation

Failure to comply or future violations may result in restricted access to ISU Dining facilities and/or referral to the Office of Student Conduct for violation of the Student Code.

ISU Dining reserves the right to enforce/alter/changes all rules at ISU Dining’s discretion.

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