DSSO (Dining Student Staffing Office) Phone Number


Welcome to our student employee resource page. Here you will find dress codes, payroll dates, and more to help you be a successful ISU Dining student employee.

What to Wear

A dress code is required for both our full-time and student employees. You may download the dress code form the link below.

Payroll Dates

Payday is always a good day! The document below lists the dates students will be paid.

How to Complete Payroll

This is a resource for all new student employees or those instructed to update their I-9 forms.

  • Begin by logging into your Work Day account from the ISU Dining homepage.
  • First, update your personal information. Once this is completed you will receive a message with instructions to begin your I-9 form (payroll form).  Complete the questions and submit the form.
    • If you do not receive an I-9 form please contact ISU Human Resources by calling or emailing here:  515-294-4800, hrshelp@iastate.edu
    • If you have worked for Iowa State University recently – ask if your I-9 form is still valid.
  • Once your online portion of the I-9 form (payroll form) has been completed, documents need to be shown as requested.
    • US Citizen Students use the List of Acceptable Documents below to choose which original documents you would like to provide.
      • Originals are required (no copies, photographs, or emails are accepted).
      • Choose 1 from list A OR Choose 2 (one from each list B and C).
        • Many people choose one of the following two options.
          • A valid US passport
          • A driver’s license and a social security card (or birth certificate).
          • See the list for other options
      • Contact University Human Resources at 515-294-4800, hrshelp@iastate.edu
    • International Students – Visit the International Student & Scholars Office to complete the I-9, Monday-Friday between 8:30-11:30 a.m. or 1-3:30 p.m.
    • Located in 4530 Memorial Union; 515-294-1120
    • Email questions to anna17@iastate.edu
  • Once your documents have been shownCOME DIRECTLY TO THE DINING STUDENT STAFFING OFFICE located at 168 Union Drive Community Center (UDCC) to collect a uniform and review your scheduled start date.
  • All new workers are required to complete the online ISU Dining Student Worker Training immediately following payroll (I-9) completion.
  • List of Acceptable Documents to complete payroll

WORKDAY – How To Clock In & Submit Time each Week

This is a resource for all dining student employees.

  • Student workers may ONLY clock in and out using the PHYSICAL TIME CLOCKS located in your work location. No other means of clocking in is accepted.
  • Absolutely NO clocking in, entering time, or changes to time worked using a phone or computer is allowed.
  • Review hours worked and other payment information using Workday
  • EACH WEEK log into Workday to review hours worked and then SUBMIT those hours
  • Direct Deposit is completed through Work Day and will take a minimum of four (4) days to process.  If Direct Deposit is not completed in time, contact ISU Payroll at 515-294-6556 or email at payroll@iastate.edu. ISU Payroll is located in the Administrative Services Building (ASB) located near Freddy Court (see ISU Map).
  • Workday Information for Dining Student Workers
  • How Do I Get a Raise

Workplace Safety

Be There On Time

Our entire operation and thousands of appetites depend on you showing up to work and on time. Please review our policy on attendance and punctuality:

Bus Routes

If you plan on commuting to your job by bus, please see the below link for current CyRide bus routes.

Phone Numbers


Bookends Cafe 294-1383
Business Cafe 294-9081
Bakery 294-3248
Clyde’s 294-2162
Conversations Dining 294-4290
Courtyard Cafe 294-9797
Design Cafe 294-2845
DSSO 294-4864
East Side Market 294-8887
Food Stores 294-3060
Friley Windows 294-1113
Gentle Doctor Cafe 294-9247
Hawthorn 294-7791
Heaping Plato (Hub) 294-1705
ISU Catering 294-3258
Memorial Union Food Court 294-9441
MU Market & Cafe 294-4799
The Roasterie (Hub) 294-3529
Seasons Marketplace 294-2380
Union Drive Marketplace 294-0082
West Side Market 294-8330
Whirlybirds 294-5788