What’s a Dining Center Meal?

Meal swipes for the meal plan holder that can be used in a dining center(Seasons, UDM, and Friley Windows) for an all-you-care-to-dine meal.

What are Dining Dollars?

These spend dollar for dollar at any of our locations and are great when you need a study snack at 1 a.m.   They can be added to any plan if you run short! Not on a meal plan? You can just buy Dining Dollars so you know you have money set aside for food. All Dining Dollars expire at the end of the spring semester.


Need a to-go meal to tide you over before your next meal?  It’ll just take a meal swipe.  Go to your GET Mobile app and order ahead. You can use two Get & Go swipes a day (not per location).

For more information about the GET Mobile app click here

  • Uses a dining center swipe
  • Order on our GET Mobile app
  • Variety of menu items to choose from
  • Students can use two Get & Go swipes a day (not per location)
  • Hours vary by the location-check website for current hours
  • Located in Conversations in Oak-Elm, East Side Market in MWL Commons, West Side Market in UDCC, and Whirlybird’s in State Gym
  • How to order using the GET App video

What’s a Flex Meal?(Campanile & Meal Block Plans Only)

For convenience, you can use meals as Flex Meals in all retail locations when you need a meal on the go. Your swipe is worth a certain dollar value and can be used to buy any of your favorite items at our campus cafes, markets, or fast casual locations.

If you spend over your plan’s designated amount, you can pay the difference with Dining Dollars or credit. If you spend under the value, no refunds will be given.

2024-25 Hawthorn’s Flex Meal Deals(Campanile & Meal Block Plans Only)


Enjoy even greater value with Hawthorn’s Flex Meal Deal. Now, for the cost of just one meal swipe, you can savor a delicious meal featuring 1 entree and 2 sides. No need to worry about exceeding the value of a Flex Meal; we’ve got you covered! Treat yourself to a delightful and worry-free dining experience with our upgraded Flex Meal Deal today.

Hawthorn Flex Meal Deal Menu Options

Flex Meal Locations

  • Bookends Cafe (Parks Library)
  • Business Cafe (Gerdin Business Building)
  • Clyde’s (Union Drive Community Center)
  • Conversations Dining (Oak-Elm Hall)
  • Courtyard Cafe (Lagomarcino Hall)
  • Design Cafe (College of Design)
  • East Side Market (MWL Commons)
  • Friley Windows (Friley Hall)
  • Gentle Doctor (College of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Hawthorn Market & Cafe (Frederiksen Court)
  • Heaping Plato (The Hub)
  • Lance and Ellie’s (Memorial Union)
  • MU Food Court (Memorial Union)
  • MU Market & Cafe (Memorial Union)
  • Seasons Marketplace (MWL Commons)
  • The Roasterie (The Hub)
  • Union Drive Marketplace (Union Drive Community Center)
  • West Side Market (Union Drive Community Center)
  • Whirlybird’s (State Gym)


Still need some help?  No problem, please review this video to help further explain some of the important pieces of your meal plan.