A fresh meal is just around the corner! Our meal plans are designed for your busy life. Our locations all over campus make it easy to find a fresh, homemade meal when you need it. Whether you live in the halls or an apartment, we have a meal plan to fit your lifestyle. So go ahead, focus on class (and fun), we have the rest covered!

Summer Meal Block Rates-2024

Have a plan for summer!┬áIf you are attending Iowa State this summer, you don’t need to go hungry. We offer two meal plan options for you during the summer.

  • 25 meals/$12.00 value per meal/$320
  • 50 meals/$12.00 value per meal/$625
  • 100 meals/$12.00 value per meal/ $1225

Expirations: Blocks expire at the end of the spring semester.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars spend like cash at any of our locations. The best part? Buy $200 or more at a time and you get a discount!

  • $200 to $390, 5% discount
  • $400 to $590, 7.5% discount
  • $600 or more, 10% discount